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Economics and Social SciencesDegree class: L-33

Programme Director: Prof. Günter Schamel

The Bachelor programme
The objective of this three-year bachelor degree course is to create eclectic economists ready to deal with the social and economic challenges that characterise the 21st century. It combines the three areas of economics, politics and philosophy so as to provide students with an interdisciplinary education with its main focus on economics. Students will learn to understand how the business world, public institutions and international markets connect and merge. Students’ comprehension of political and economic measures and systems will be fostered so that they will be able to study and evaluate approaches to mediation and negotiation.

Subjects taught
Political and International Economics, Public Economics, Financial Markets and Institutions, History of Economic Thought, Business Ethics, Business Administration, Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, Information Systems and Data Management, Political Economics, Political Science, Philosophy of Science and Knowledge, Principles of Philosophy, European and Public Law, Economic Law, Introduction to Academic Writing, Foreign Languages. The Bachelor also requires students to undertake an internship and spend some time abroad.

Career opportunities
Graduates of this course are increasingly sought after: they are multilingual economic operatives who are open culturally and who have undergone an international education. They are prepared for careers in the economic and political field, consulting, international organizations. PPE graduates may follow careers in business journalism, the diplomatic corps, public institutions and financial institutions that operate on a national and an international level. Most of the graduates of this course go on to do postgraduate studies.

Detailed information about the study programme can be found in Study Manifesto.
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