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Competence Centre for Language Studies – Welcome!

The Competence Centre for Language Studies is devoted to the analysis of how linguistic systems, languages and language varieties coexist and are related to one another within society, groups and individuals. It emphasizes research in the field of language contact and face-to- face interaction in multilingual contexts, as well as language acquisition and learning, as they are exemplified in the area of South Tyrol.

Data-driven research is based both on qualitative and quantitative approaches, which range  from ethnographic fieldwork to statistical analysis; examined phenomena –code-choice and code-switching, learner and ethnic varieties, institutional and informal communication, among others – are analyzed from a systemic perspective, so as to provide explanations for the complexity and regularities of language use.

The centre also cooperates with local institutions providing its expertise in language matters and monitors the multilingual orientation of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. 

Member of LingNet Europe




  • Work in progress - Linguistics Colloquium unibz & Eurac. Programme 2016


  • Valutazione della ricerca: ottimi risultati ottenuti dal Centro di competenza lingue   ANVUR, l’Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del sistema Universitario e della Ricerca ha valutato 14 aree scientifiche presso le istituzioni universitarie nel periodo compreso tra il 2004 e il 2010. Ottimi sono stati i risultati del centro di competenza lingue: 2° posto a livello nazionale su 38 atenei valutati per la linguistica (settore scientifico disciplinare L-LIN/01). (Tab. 4.6-4.7)



The Document of the ‘Radein-Initiative’ was opened to discussion at the “International Symposium on Bilingualism” ISB8 in Oslo, in a panel held Saturday, 18/06/2011.
More than 60 scholars attended the panel and expressed the wish to share the document and to discuss it widely. The initiative aims at giving directions for future research, opening up the field for interdisciplinary research.
All reactions are welcome and can be directed to: 



Dissertation by Ingeborg Bauer Polo

"Sprachliche Monographie der Fersentaler deutschen Gemeinden im Trentino" 

    The dissertation, which was written in 1962, has never been published; however,
    it is available here now:











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