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Studium Generale: what is it?

This is a new integrated, interdisciplinary study course, offered since the 2011/2012 academic year, as part of the European lifelong learning initiative. Basically it is a course that makes the most of the knowledge provided by the various faculties and brings that together with the experience and knowledge of the participants.

The Studium Generale course is aimed at young people who have not yet decided what they want to do in their future, university students who want to increase their general knowledge and culture, participants of all ages who have an interest in specific subjects and others who wish to develop their understanding of various subjects for their professional activities.

The Studium Generale course aims to satisfy modern educational needs using an approach to study inspired by the medieval traditions that brought about the founding of universities, where lessons were held in public spaces for anyone who was interested.

FurtherĀ information on the Studium Generale is available on theĀ German or Italian website.
Studium Generale
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