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Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Degree class: L-9
Industrial Engineering

Director of the Degree Course: Prof. Andrea Gasparella

The Bachelor programme
The aim of this three-year programme is to provide students with solid knowledge about engineering and its related fields. The degree course splits into two different branches, in which students can specialize: Mechanical Engineering, Logistics and Production Engineering. The former is preparatory for further engineering studies – with a particular focus on mechanical and energetic topics. The latter is more vocational and focuses on economic and management- oriented topics; students of this course can also choose the dual study course.

Subjects taught
Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Material Science and Technology, Technical Physics, Technical Drawing, Production Systems and Industrial Logistics, Electrotechnics and Electrical Machines, Manufacturing Technology, Structural Mechanics. Furthermore in the Mechanical Engineering branch: Rational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Machinery and Oleodynamic, Applied Mechanics, Machine Design and Drawing; in the Logistics and Production Engineering branch: Operations Research, Business Management, Production Planning and Control, Logistics and Transport, Industrial Plants and Operational Safety.

Career opportunities
Graduates are sought-after professionals who are renowned for their flexibility and interdisciplinary approach. Possible career paths include middle and top management positions in companies or freelance careers as consultants. The course provides the students with the tools to become: industrial and mechanical engineers, specialists in production systems design and product development, experts in production process management and control or in industrial quality management as well as management engineers.


  • Detailed information about the study programme can be found in the Study Manifesto.


  • Information about the application can be found here.


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