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Economics and Management
Degree class: L-18
Business Administration

Programme Director: Prof. Alex Weissensteiner

The Bachelor programme
This three-year degree course focuses on understanding economic phenomena from all their different perspectives so that its graduates will have acquired the knowledge that is sought after in the national and global job market. The first two years include courses in economics, management, maths, law and statistics so as to provide students with a solid foundation for the third year. Depending on the profession they would like to enter, students can then choose, in the third year, specialised courses to further increase their knowledge in the areas of econometrics, finance, accounting and management.

Subjects taught
Economics, Management, Industrial Economics, Economic Policy, Strategic Management, Mathematics for Economists, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Statistics, Introduction to legal systems, Business Law, Taxation Law, Marketing, Communication Skills and Leadership, Specialised language for Economics, as well as elective courses such as Auditing, Consumer Behaviour and Econometrics of Financial Markets. The theoretical parts of the course are complemented with application activities such as exercises, seminars, and a compulsory internship.

Career opportunities
Graduates can continue their studies in postgraduate programmes or they can enter the job market as junior managers in companies operating in various sectors, such as the banking or financial sector, or in public administration. With its strong international perspective and its trilingual model, this programme prepares graduates for managerial positions in private or public organisations all over the world.

Detailed information about the study programme can be found in Study Manifesto.
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