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Economics and Management of the public sector

Serving the Public, Serving the Future!


      • Trilingual (Italian, German, English)
      • For internal, European and International careers

Master class: LM-63

Public Administration

Program Director: Prof. Stefania Baroncelli

This two-year programme, belonging to the class ‘Public Administration Sciences’ (LM-63), aims to create professionals who will be able to react to the new demands for efficiency, efficacy and economy in complex administrative structures. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach and provides students with transversal analytical skills. The subjects in the organisational-management area are complemented by economic, statistical and legal subjects. The course concentrates on improving students’ problem-solving skills through seminars and case studies and also develops interpersonal and communication skills.

Subjects taught
Economics, Management, Strategies, Leadership, Institutional and Social Communication, Project Management, Statistics for the Public Sector, Accounting for the Public Sector, Theory of and Workshops in Public Law and Sources of Law, Law of the European Union and its Member States, Theory of and Workshops in Administrative Law, Information Systems and Communications in the Public Sector. Students are required to undertake an internship.

Career opportunities
The course allows students to decide upon their own educational path by choosing related and integrative activities based on the specific work objectives they may have. There is therefore a distinction between a European or international pathway and a pathway to internal careers. The former focuses on a career inside international or European organisations or firms working with them, in NGOs and in the diplomatic service; the latter concentrates on employment in public administration and firms working with them.

The Masters is open to students holding a 3-year or 4-year Bachelor Degree, and while catering especially to candidates holding degrees in Economics, Law and Political Sciences, we also welcome students with other degrees, as noted in the admission regulations.
Admission is restricted and class sizes will be small (25-30 students).

Detailed information about the study programme can be found in Study Manifesto.


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