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Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
Contribute your creativity. Get top-notch business knowledge on start-ups and innovation from us. Turn your ideas into your start-up!

Master class: LM-77

Programme Director: Prof. Alessandro Narduzzo

The goal of this two-year programme is to provide students with a solid theoretical understanding of entrepreneurial and economic subjects, focusing on two aspects: how to build up new companies and how to develop innovation within a company. Areas that characterize the study of entrepreneurship include setting up a business plan, analysing the human, economic and financial resources necessary to set up a business and understanding how to recognize market opportunities. Innovation is understood broadly as the creation and application of new skills applied to product development, managerial processes and competitive strategies.

Subjects taught:
Entrepreneurship, Business Forecasting Methods, Advanced data analysis, Business Economics, Innovation Economics, Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital, Supply chain management, Advanced Business Law, Innovation and Knowledge management, New Product development plus one of the following elective courses: Service Innovation, International Management or Social Entrepreneurship. Students are required to undertake an internship.

Career opportunities:
Graduates will find an occupation in knowledge-intensive industries, as well as in traditional sectors which are experiencing a transformation process due to innovation. An entrepreneurial approach is being applied in medium and large public and private companies and in the service sector as a way to administer and manage and to allocate resources. Graduates may also apply for positions as project managers in the development of new products and in the management of innovation. They are also well-equipped for further study: second-level Italian master courses or PhD programmes are just some of the options.

Detailed information about the study programme can be found in Study Manifesto.



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