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Social EducationBachelor class: L-19
Scienze dell’Educazione e della Formazione

Director of the Degree Course: Prof. Susanne Elsen
The Bachelor programme

This three-year degree course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to work effectively as social and community educators or as researchers in the field. The course focuses on the acquisition of scientific knowledge and practical skills needed for education, training, culture and social development. The main focus is on theory; on the theory of knowledge and the methodology of educational problems in all their various dimensions and their possible solutions, including Lifelong Learning. As a prerequisite for a multilingual job market, subjects are taught in Italian, German and English.

Subjects taught

  • General and Social Pedagogy, Intercultural Pedagogy, Special needs in education
  • Theories and Strategies for working with young people
  • Media Education, Adult Education
  • General and Behavioural Sociology
  • Politics
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • General and Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Education
  • Medicine of prevention, rehabilitation and hygiene
  • Social and Juvenile Legislation
  • Social Statistics
Students are required to undertake an internship.

Career opportunities

Graduates mainly find work employed in institutions that work with children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, people with disabilities and minority groups in homes and social services whose aims are to prevent and alleviate situations where socio-cultural problems exist. Further career opportunities are in the promotion of intercultural exchanges and anti-racism initiatives, projects with women, in the justice sector, institutions dealing with addictions and in services for sociocultural and psychosocial help.

Detailed information about the study programme can be found in Study Manifesto

Further details available in German or Italian Language only.
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