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General Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy and General EducationANVUR accreditation of the PhD programme: Prot. no. 625, 19.08.2014

Coordinator of the PhD programme: Prof. Susanne Elsen
The PhD programme lasts three years.
The official languages of the programme are German, Italian and English.

During the triennium, the PhD student must actively attend the didactic and scientific programs and dedicate her/himself completely to the training programme aimed at the thorough examination of the scientific topics and research areas listed in the programme; the PhD student is expected to carry out original research, which should represent a theoretical, experimental or empirical contribution to the respective academic discipline and which is documented according to the traditions of that discipline, such as publications in international magazines, presentations at meetings, software, patents, books etc.
The study programmes are focused on basic research and applied research relevant to the three main areas of studies with a particular focus on:

    • Research methodology in the educational and social areas supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis.
    • Trilingualism: in order to be admitted, the PhD students must attest the language skills by handing in language certificates which are recognized by the language centre.
    • Coherence with the career start opportunities with regard to the three main areas of studies.


The PhD Programme incorporates an ongoing control and a periodic evaluation of the students’ progress during the course.
Each student spends at least three months and up to six months abroad.

Overview of mandatory accomplishments in the course of the PhD: milestones


The PhD programme is intended to train high level professionals able to work in a context of academic basic research and applied research in university institutions, in a context of public administration or educational institutions and private or public, national or international research institutes.

The Doctors of Philosophy of each of the three branches of study are expected to master the research methods in the educational and social areas, to have acquired critical competencies relevant to the tools for data assessment and analysis.

Career prospects

      • Research and teaching within academic activities.
      • Expert in the field of education at universitary and non-universitary research centres, educational centres and the like.
      • Research and development expert of lifelong education at public administrations, foundations and training centres.
      • Research and planning in the educational and social areas.
      • Research and development in the field of social work in the public and in the private sector. 
      • Research and psychological and educational counseling and medical and paramedical personnel training.
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