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European Master's Program in Computational Logic (Laurea magistrale interateneo in Logica Computazionale)
***To be approved by the ministry***

Master class: LM-18
Computer Science

Director of the Degree Course: Prof. Werner Nutt

The Master’s programme
Our European Master's Program in Computational Logic is an international distributed Master course, offered in cooperation with the computer science departments in the following universities:

This program is one of the few European Masters awarded by the European Union's Erasmus Mundus programme since its very first year of existence, in 2004.
The European Masters Program in Computational Logic is sponsored scientifically by:

Subjects taught
Foundations, Logic and Constraint Programming, Advanced Logic, Integrated Logic Systems, Computational Logic for Information Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Constraints, Knowledge Representation, Logics and Languages for Software Reliability and Security, Modeling and Verification, Natural Language Processing and Automata, Ontology and Database Systems, Principles of Data Management, Principles of Inference, Semantic Technologies, Theoretical Computer Science and Logic, Project, Presentation and Communication Skills

Career opportunities 
Graduates’ skills and knowledge enable them to work: in a position of responsibility in the analysis, design and coordination of the development and administration of complex information systems (software systems and business models) in public and private companies with strong technological and innovative focus in the area of information systems, or that use information processing technologies in order to deliver services; as researchers  in public or private laboratories working on the analysis, formalisation, design and prototypal development of innovative software systems and ICT technologies for the solution of complex theoretical and applicative computation problems in strategic sectors such as industry, services, environment, health, heritage, public administration; as entrepreneurs.

Graduates may sit the state examination required to practise as an information engineer (Ingegnere dell’Informazione).

  • Study Manifesto
  • Statistic distribution of grades


Degree Committee of the European Master's Program in Computational Logic

Prof. Werner Nutt, Prof. Diego Calvanese, Dr. Sergio Tessaris

Director of the Degree Course

  • Prof. Werner Nutt

Responsible for Services to Students

  • Dr. Sergio Tessaris 

Study Plan Advisors / Tutors

  • Prof. Enrico Franconi, Dr. Marco Montali, Dr. Sergio Tessaris

Detailed information can be found on the website of the programme coordinator.



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