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Master in Computer Science (Laurea magistrale)

Master class: LM-18
Computer Science

Director of the Degree Course: Prof. Francesco Ricci

The Master’s programme
Our two-year Master’s programme has a strong orientation towards innovation, problem solving, and research. It produces graduates who have a thorough knowledge of the fundamental fields of computer science, of the structures and the use of computer systems, and of the scientific research methods. Graduates understand and use the tools of discrete and continuous mathematics and of applied mathematics and physics, and have an in-depth knowledge of the foundations, techniques and methods for the design and development of information systems. They are able provide effective solutions to a range of computational and information management problems using a mixture of fundamental Computer Science techniques and are prepared to move on to the international scene. Students may participate in an European Master’s programme to achieve a joint degree with one of our European partner universities. Classes are held in English.

Subjects taught
Curriculum in Data and Knowledge Engineering: Advanced Database Management Technologies, Data and Process Modeling, Data Mining, Information Search and Retrieval, Semantic Technologies, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Theory of Computing.
Curriculum in Software Engineering and IT Management: IT and Service Management, Requirements and Design of Software Systems, Software Process Management, Software and IT Engineering, Software Reliability and Testing, Systems Engineering.
Common lectures: Advanced Internet Technologies, Human Machine Interaction, Research Methods, Statistics, Technical and Scientific Communication. Also offered are several optional courses.

Career opportunities 
Graduates’ skills and knowledge enable them to work in areas that require competence in: the analysis, formalization and design of software systems for the solution of complex problems in various application areas, such as industry, services, environment, health, heritage and public administration; the development and maintenance of high quality information systems and computer networks, also in critical areas; research and innovation in industrial, public and academic laboratories. 

Graduates may sit the state examination required to practise as an information engineer (Ingegnere dell’Informazione).


Degree Committee of the Master in Computer Science
  • Prof. Francesco Ricci, President
  • Dr. Marco Montali

Director of the Degree Course

  • Prof. Francesco Ricci 

Responsible for Services to Students

  • Prof. Francesco Ricci 

Study Plan Advisors / Tutors

  • Dr. Vincenzo Del Fatto: Curriculum "Data and Knowledge Engineering" + Curriculum "Information and Data Technologies for Web Systems"
  • Dott. Nabil El Ioini: Curriculum “Software Engineering and IT Management” + Curriculum "Software Engineering" + European Masters Programme in Software Engineering
  • Dr. Mouzhi Ge: Curriculum “Software Engineering and IT Management”
  • Dr. Xiaofeng Wang: Curriculum “Software Engineering and IT Management” + Curriculum "General Computer Science"
  • Prof. Enrico Franconi: Curriculum "Data and Knowledge Engineering" + Curriculum "Semantic Web"
  • Dr. Vladislav Ryzhikov: Curriculum "Data and Knowledge Engineering" + Curriculum "Management and Technologies of Information Systems" + European Masters Programme in Language and Communication Technologies
  • Dr. Sergio Tessaris: European Masters Programme in Computational Logic  
Faculty of Computer Science - Secretariat
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