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European Masters Programme in Software Engineering (EMSE)
Double Degree Study Path
Master class: LM-18
Computer Science

Coordinator of the study path: Prof. Barbara Russo

The Master's programme
The European Masters Programme in Software Engineering is an internationally-distributed study course. It foresees compulsory mobility periods and it is offered in cooperation with the computer science departments in the following universities:

This study course leads to a Double Degree in Computer Science awarded by the two universities attended by the student.

The details of the Study course are available on the EMSE WEBSITE:

Students attending EMSE from the edition 2015-2017 onwards can visit the EMSE website at:

Students attending EMSE until edition 2014-2016 can access EMSE's old website at:

Subjects taught
Depending on the chosen study path, subjects may include: Advanced Internet Technlogies, Advanced Software Project Management, Applied Software Project Management, Empirical Model Building and Methods, Empirical Software Measurement, Formal Specification and verification Techniques, Global Software Engineering, IT and Service Management, Middleware for Heterogeneous and Distributed Systems, Mobile Systems Engineering, Multiprocessor System, Performance Modelling of Distributed Systems, Practical Requirements, Process Modelling, Product Line Architecture, Product Line Engineering, Quality Management Software and Systems, Requirements and Design of Software Systems, Requirements Engineering, Research Methods, Safety & Reliability of Embedded Systems, Seminars in Human Machine Interaction, Seminars in Software and IT Engineering, Software Architecture and Quality, Software Architecture of Distributed Systems, Software Metrics, Software Project and Process Management, Software Reliability and Testing, Statistical Methods, Verification and Validation, Internship, Project.

Career opportunities
Graduates’ skills and knowledge enable them to work in areas that require competence in: the analysis, formalization and design of software systems for the solution of complex problems in various application areas, such as industry, services, environment, health, heritage and public administration; the development and maintenance of high quality information systems and computer networks, also in critical areas; research and innovation in industrial, public and academic laboratories. 

Graduates may sit the state examination required to practise as an information engineer (Ingegnere dell’Informazione).

The details of this study path are available on the EMSE Dokuwiki.

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