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Thesis Upload Students are able to upload their theses from the time that they receive a message concerning their final degree exam from the Student Secretariat. The text of the thesis must be saved in one PDF file. The Adobe programme to turn documents into PDF files is installed on all the computers at the University. The upload can be done on and off campus.

Upload instructions
  1. Before beginning, please make sure you have read the
  2. Download, fill out and hand in to your Faculty the application for archiving theses:
  3. Click on "Begin upload"
  4. Insert username and password
  5. If you are enrolled for more than one course, choose the one for which you want to do the upload
  6. Click on "Upload thesis", fill in the form and insert the file clicking on "Browse"
  7. Click on "Upload"
Once uploading has finished, a confirmation email will be sent to your UNIBZ email address.

Other useful information

Binders for theses

The Faculty of Computer Science, the School of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Science and Technology have special binders that your thesis should be presented in. The binders can be bought for 6.36 euro from the Library in Bolzano.

Searching and consulting theses

It is possible to consult the digital versions of theses whose publication has been authorised by the author and the Faculty. The paper version of the thesis cannot be consulted. For theses from the Faculty of Design and Art there is a special set of rules. For further information, please contact the Library.

To search for theses, connect to the catalogue and choose as type of medium “Thesis”.

It is possible to search by words in the title, abstract, author’s name, supervisor’s name and from the English name of the degree course. If, in the full description of the result, you see the link "Full-text", it is possible to read the entire thesis in a PDF file. If this link does not appear, permission to consult the thesis has not been given.
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