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Mountain Environment and Agriculture Coordinator of the programme: Prof. Giustino Tonon

The Ph.D. programme is focused on the study of mountain environments and on the management of mountain ecosystems. The research topics involve activities in the areas of: management biotic and abiotic resources,  energetic efficiency in agro-forestry processes, climate change, renewable energies, quality of products.

The Ph.D. programme has an interdisciplinary approach that involves several scientific fields (ecology, hydrology, fruit science, agricultural chemistry, biology,...) to give to Ph.D. students a flexible expertise in solving complex questions and issues.

The Ph.D. programme lasts three years and its official language is English. An international work placement is mandatory for a maximum period of one year. More information are available on the right side of this homepage.

Ph.D. objectives

The formalized study part of the Ph.D. programme aims at achieving a scientific training at the highest international level. Ph.D. students have to acquire all necessary competences needed to solve complex research problems of basic or applied character and to gather technical skills.

Within the Ph.D. programme and the related research work, students will: 

  • obtain full insight into the state-of-the-art of a specific scientific problem; 
  • contribute to research with innovative ideas within their respective scientific communities; 
  • acquire the ability to plan innovative research projects;
  • learn and properly manage the scientific techniques necessary to solve relevant research questions;
  • be educated and work in international and interdisciplinary teams;
  • publish the results of their research in international peer-reviewed journals;
  • present and discuss their research findings during international conferences and workshops. 

Within the Ph.D. programme, students will acquire the following competences: 

  • highly developed know-how in problem-solving: ability to tackle complex problems with original proposals, ability to advance the international state-of-the-art with a deep knowledge of the scientific literature and to design novel ad-hoc tools;
  • expertise in scientific communication: ability to communicate their projects and results in the scientific communities and to the public, competence in writing scientific papers, in presenting oral lectures and in answering technical and scientific questions from reviewers and conference auditoriums;
  • organization skills: ability to organize their own research activities in an autonomous way, ability to manage their own laboratory and field works and to coordinate the scientific activities of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students who are affiliated with their Ph.D. work.

Partner Universities and Institutions

List of foreign Partner Universities and Research Institutions where the Ph.D. student may, under specific research programmes, spend her/his research period abroad: 

  • University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Biology (Austria)          
  • University of Tromsø (Norway) 
  • University of New Hampshire (USA)
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) (Switzerland)
  • University of Göttingen (Germany)
  • State University of  Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina, Brasil)
  • Federal University of Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil)

National Partner Research Institutions, that under specific research programmes, may host part of the activity of the Ph.D. student:




  • The European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (Eurac)
  • Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry Laimburg, Ora (Bz)
  • University of Milan, Faculty of Agriculture


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