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The Language CentreThe Language Centre of the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen is part of the most important service sector of the university. Its aim is to co-ordinate the learning of all the various languages used in this university. This means, for instance, creating the best conditions for language learning.

The Language Centre courses are available for all students enrolled at the university, for those taking part in international exchange programmes, as well as for those working for the university. One of the services provided by the Language Centre is an advisory service for all students to help them in the various aspects of language learning. The language centre also tests language levels before students begin their university career and during their studies as well.

The Language Centre is particularly important for those studying in their second and third languages. A thorough knowledge of the three official teaching languages in the university: Italian, German and English is absolutely essential for those who wish to participate completely and successfully in the activities offered by the university (lectures, seminars etc.) as well as conferences or other academic events.

The language centre also offers optional language courses and self access materials for a whole range of languages, such as:

 English  German  Italian
 French  Spanish  Russian
 Ladin                Chinese            Arabic             



Language Centre
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