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AIESECThe Bozen-Bolzano local commitee
AIESEC is the biggest international student organisation that is wholly managed by students and can be found in 107 countries and 1,700 universities. For more than 60 years it has acted as a link between the university and working world through international exchange programmes.
The AIESEC platform allows students to discover and develop their professional and social skills through positions of leadership. The organisation also holds more than 350 conferences a year and the exchange programmes offer students the opportunity to gain work experience abroad.
Due to the inclusion of the Bozen-Bolzano local committee in January 2009, AIESEC now has more and more members from the FUB. The members of the committee, who are all students of the various faculties in Bozen-Bolzano work on the development of projects and exchange initiatives and they help with the training of students who are member so of the association.
If you want more information, the AIESEC website is full of interesting details and if you want to meet the local members, and perhaps even join them, just pop into their office or send them an email.


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