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kikerokikero, was established in 2000 and is the first student association of the FUB.
The association organises extra-curricular freetime activities involving students from all the university faculties.
During the year, kikero organises the Rookie day (the welcome day for new first-year students) as well as parties and other events, amongst which the traditional moon-lit sledging evening. There are also evening events organized by the debating club, seminars on various topics and other cultural events including concerts, tournaments and much much more!
Don’t the words Flyer and Yearbook ring a bell? The first is the student magazine and the second is the annual book that charts the lives of the students and the university.
Both are published by the student associations.

If you are interested in living the kikero life, come and join up and make the university a more exciting place to study!

Universitätsplatz 1/Piazza Università, 1(SER F6.03)
39100 Bozen/Bolzano
T:  +39 0471 012 182 
F: +39 0471 012 189

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