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SCUBSince 2001 when it was founded, the “Sports Club University Bolzano” has been organising sports events to allow students to meet each other away from their studies.
Its events are designed to be fun and aim to bring students closer to the world of sport. The growing number of S.C.U.B. members demonstrates how popular the club is and how successful it has been. Some examples of its versatility are the opening of a chess club, the deal it made with a fitness club for special membership for students and a rock climbing course.
As well as the regular training of the football teams (male and female), volleyball and basketball teams, cheerleading, tennis, beach volleyball, karate, swimming, capoeira and badminton, S.C.U.B. organises trekking trips in the mountains in Trentino-Alto Adige and further afield, providing theappropriate equipment when needed.
Each year S.C.U.B. takes part in various international university tournaments, where the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano competes with other European institutions.
Competing in these tournaments gave them the idea of organising a similar event at the University with the participation of students from other Italian and foreign universities: the "Snowdays". The “Snow Days” were a great success and were thoroughly enjoyed by the students from the participating national and international universities.

Check out our latest "Snowdays" trailer!

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