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Freie Universität Bozen

22 Okt 2019 21 Nov 2019

Basics of cyber-physical systems [InfoBites]

Why is everybody suddenly talking of cyber-physical systems? Come and learn about it!

Referent Stefano Borgo, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC)

Datum 22 Okt 2019 - 00:00 21 Nov 2019 - 23:59

Ort Room BZ E4.20, Universitätsplatz 1 - Piazza Università, 1, 39100 Bozen-Bolzano

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Lecturer: Stefano Borgo, Institute of Cognitive Sciences andTechnologies (ISTC)

After attending this course you willknow about:

  • What Cyber-Physical Systems are andwhat is new about them
  • Interactions in Cyber-Physical Systemsand in Socio-Technical Systems
  • The European view and goals in thearea of Cyber-Physical Systems


Furthermore, you will understand whytoday production systems focus more and more on the connection among objects,information and computation, and how they aim to include the human factor inthe picture.

Prerequisites: none.


Limited places (20) – register a soon aspossible!

By 10 October 2019, send an e-mail to including:

  1. a presentation of yourself
  2. the detail of your skills incomputer science
  3. your motivation for attending thecourse