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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Forscher mit Zeitvertrag | Logik; Web und Text Mining

Ana Ozaki

+39 0471 014329

Fakultät für Informatik
Dominikanerplatz 3
Freitag, 16:00 - 18:00

Short bio

Ana Ozaki is an assistant professor at the KRDB Research Centre of the Free University of Bozen- Bolzano. She completed her PhD at the University of Liverpool. She obtained the E.M. Gold Award in Algorithmic Learning Theory 2015 for her work “Exact Learning of Multivalued Dependencies” joint with  Montserrat Hermo. She has been working on description logic, computational learning theory, and temporal logic.  
- IJCAI-ECAI 2018 Distinguished PC Member 


Web and Text Mining

73015 · INF/01 · Master in Computational Data Science · EN


My main research areas are  knowledge representation and computational learning theory. 

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