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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Siavash Farahbakhsh

Short bio

My main research interests are about the complexity of social systems and institutional change processes. I address the institutional change by capturing the change in rules, mindsets, behaviors, and norms in organizational social systems (e.g. industrial sectors).  I mainly use qualitative and simulation methods. Qualitatively, I look into an organization and investigate how an organization changes its structure and processes to adapt to its complex environment (i.e. adopting new norms, etc.). With a simulation approach, I develop agent-based models (ABM) to investigate how organizations interact in an industrial sector, and how their interactions may result in the change in their structures and, consequently, the emergence of new behaviors (i.e. institutional change).


Institutional Complexity
Organizational Change 
Emergence of New Institutions
Complex Adaptive Systems
Agent-Based Modelling 

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