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Professoren auf Planstelle der 2. Ebene

Elisabeth Tauber

Short bio

Elisabeth Tauber has been working on marginality and nomadism with semi-nomadic Sinti in Northern Italy. More recently, she has been focusing on marginality and human-non-human relations working with high alpine shepherds. Both subjects tie in with questions related to the construction of space, time and land(s). She is interested in begging economies and theories of the gift. Ethnography in the archives is inspired by her interlocutors’ mnemonic practices and postcolonial theories on silenced voices in the archive. She has spent several years studying policy-making of the Council of Europe and the Italian state. Together with her colleagues of the Malinowski Forum she is involved in the study of Malinowski's and Elsie Masson's stay in South Tyrol from 1922-1934.


Anthropologie interkultureller Prozesse

17204 · M-DEA/01 · Bachelor in Kommunikations- und Kulturwissenschaften · DE

Ethnographische Feldarbeit

54108B · M-DEA/01 · Master in Angewandter Linguistik · DE

Inter- und transkulturelle Ansätze in kommunikativen und organisatorischen Prozessen

53137A · M-DEA/01 · Master Innovation in Forschung und Praxis Sozialer Arbeit · EN

Theorie: Soziologie

95912Q · SPS/08 · Weiterbildender Master (Grundstufe) in Design für Kinder: Objekte, Räume, Prozesse und Erfahrungen · EN


Faculty of Education, area 7: Socio cultural worlds: institutions, welfare, social professions, environment and population.


Co-coordinatior of the Malinowski Forum for Ethnography and Anthropology.


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