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Forscher mit Zeitvertrag | English language education

Lynn Mastellotto

+39 0472 014246

BX A3.00
Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften
Regensburger Allee 16
Dienstag, 10:30 - 12:30
In non-teaching periods of the academic year, office hours are held by appointment.

Short bio

Originally from Canada, Lynn Mastellotto obtained a BA & MA at McGill University, a PGCE at Oxford University, and a PhD at University of East Anglia. She works primarily in teacher education, focusing on second-language acquisition processes and English foreign language pedagogy. She conducts research on teacher effectiveness in language input and interaction strategies in inclusive bi-/multilingual classrooms, as well as on multimodal approaches (children's literature & storytelling) for cultivating young learners' multiliteracies. In addition, she is involved in developing curricula on English for specific and academic purposes (ESAP) across disciplines and in supporting professors in EMI course design and delivery for the integration of content and language in higher education (ICLHE)./Originaria del Canada, Lynn Mastellotto ha ottenuto la laurea e laurea magistrale presso McGill University, il Masters presso Oxford University e il dottorato presso University of East Anglia. Lavora principalmente sui processi di acquisizione della seconda lingua e sulla didattica della lingua straniera inglese. Conduce ricerche sull'efficacia degli insegnanti nelle strategie di input linguistico e di interazione in classi inclusive bi-/multilingui, così come sugli approcci multimodali per coltivare le competenze linguistiche e cognitive dei giovani studenti. Inoltre, è coinvolta nello sviluppo di curricula per l’inglese accademico e nel sostenere i professori nella progettazione e nell’erogazione di corsi in L2 per l'integrazione di contenuti e lingua nell'educazione terziaria.


Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Schreiben

19000 · L-LIN/12 · Akademisches Schreibzentrum · EN

Englisch für die Soziale Arbeit

53141 · L-LIN/12 · Master Innovation in Forschung und Praxis Sozialer Arbeit · EN

Englisch für professionelle und akademische Zwecke

51092 · L-LIN/12 · Bachelor in Sozialarbeit · EN

Teaching of English and Learning Activities with a Focus on Written Skills (Lab.)

11427B · L-LIN/12 · Einstufiger Master in Bildungswissenschaften für den Primarbereich - Abteilung in italienischer Sprache · EN


Language learning and processing (first and second languages) - ERC SH4_8 
Languages and multilingualism in South Tyrol


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