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Freie Universität Bozen

Forschungsassistent*innen (AR) | Research on human-robot collaboration

Franz Alexander Van Horenbeke

Short bio

Franz Van-Horenbeke is a Research Assistant and PhD student at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano (Italy) since September 2019, under the supervision of Prof. Angelika Peer. Before he worked as a Project Manager at a social robotics company. He graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in 2010 and in Engineering in Industrial Automation and Electronics in 2013 from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He completed the EMARO+ master (European Master on Advanced RObotics+) at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) and Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in 2017. His research interests include social robotics, human-robot interaction and cognition.



Action understanding
Plan and intention recognition
Decision making
Action sharing and complementation