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Freie Universität Bozen

Laboratory for Electric Drives and Fluid Machines


This laboratory is used by the staff researching Fluid machines and Electrical Drives. In the Fluid Machines Lab, we perform tests on internal combustion engines. A brake bench is used to control the rotational speed of engines and to measure the output torque. A specific acquisition system is used to obtain the most important engine performance parameters: measurement instruments allow to evaluate – for example – engine fuel consumption; temperature in significant points of the engine; and pollutants at the exhaust.

The lab is also equipped with a small workbench for simple mechanical operations on machinery. As far as electrical machines and drives are concerned, lab activities include the study and design of electrical machines and experimental validation of performance by developing suitable drive control. An important feature of the electrical machines and drives laboratory is the synergy between our university and motor and control designers. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to develop small-scale projects with Arduino.

Research Focus

Tests on electrical drives, transmissions and internal combustion engines.

Main Instrumentation

The lab contains:

  • a test bench for internal combustion engines and its control system;
  • one or more internal combustion engines;
  • an extractor fan;
  • a workbench with work tools;
  • a test bench for electrical motors and transmission test.

It is also equipped with tools such as:

  • inverters;
  • data acquisition systems;
  • desktop PCs;
  • instruments for pressure and temperature measurement;
  • exhaust gas analysers;
  • a dSPACE industrial computer;
  • regenerative inverters;
  • harmonic filters;
  • different types of electrical motors;
  • braking resistors;
  • AC voltage regulators, DC power supplies, oscilloscopes, voltage and current probes, waveform generators, power and data cables.



BZ C0.02a


Massimiliano Renzi

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