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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Laboratory for Human-centered Technologies

Lab activity

The Human-Centred Technologies Lab focuses on researching methods and developing applications with human(s) in the loop, bridging between the fields of automation, robotics, and human-system interaction. Different degrees of autonomy and abstraction levels are covered including bilateral, shared, supervisory and fully autonomous control allowing to optimally share and complement human and machine capabilities and to shift between these levels depending on current needs and context. Robust, optimal and adaptive control on a lower level are combined with human and world models as well as high-level reasoning in terms of action, plan, and intention recognition and decision making on a higher level to achieve the required system performance. System evaluation is performed based on objective and subjective criteria, also involving user studies. Adaptivity, robustness, naturalness of human-machine interaction, safety, and security are considered key performance indicators.

Research Focus

  • Human-inspired manipulation and navigation of robotic systems
  • Manipulation and navigation in cooperation and collaboration with humans
  • Multi-modal human-system interfaces
  • Multi-modal action, plan and intention recognition of humans
  • Different levels of autonomy (teleoperation, shared control, supervisory control, fully autonomous systems) and variable autonomy
  • Dynamic and optimal decision making
  • Negotiation and dynamic distribution of tasks among agents
  • Robust, optimal and adaptive control concepts
  • Safety in human-system interaction
  • Human, robot, object, and world models


Main Instrumentation

The laboratory equipment of the Human-centered Technologies Lab is dedicated to research methods and to develop applications with human(s) in the loop. The laboratory is still in its setup phase and will become operational by the end of 2019. Equipment that will be available then:

Robotic systems:

  • Tiago++ robot
  • Pepper robot (located typically near to the reception of NOI Techpark)
  • Haptic displays
  • Robotic rollator
  • Thrusttube linear axes

Systems for human-system interaction:

  • Xsens MVN motion capture suit
  • Marker-based motion capture system
  • Head-mounted display
  • 32 channel EEG system g.tec



NOI Techpark A1.0.17


Angelika Peer

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