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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

PhD Programmes

Applying for a PhD

Qualifications required

In order to gain admission to a PhD programme at unibz, you need to take part in a public competition.

Anyone can apply to take part in the competition to study for a PhD here, regardless of age or citizenship; however, you will need to belong to these categories:

  • you need to have obtained a Master Degree (either a 'laurea specialistica' DM n. 509/1999 or a laurea magistrale DM n. 270/2004); or a Bachelor degree of the former Italian university framework (vecchio ordinamento); or an equivalent university qualification obtained from a foreign university;
  • you will need to have obtained one of the titles mentioned above by the 31st October of the same year. In that case, applicants will be allowed to take part in the selection subject to the condition that they submit their qualification by the deadline established for enrolment, otherwise their application will be rejected.

Declaration of equivalent value

If you have obtained a foreign university qualification, you need to submit a document proving that you have access to university (and, specifically, to equivalent courses to the one you are applying for) in the country in which you have obtained such qualification.

Then, you need to:

  • request a declaration of equivalent value (dichiarazione di valore) of your qualification to the relevant Italian consular authority abroad. We advise that you request this declaration as soon as possible, given the significant amount of time it takes for consular offices to produce these documents.
  • upload a copy of the declaration of equivalent value on our application portal, no later than the time of enrolment to the course.  

Procedure you need to follow

It is possible to apply for the selection from the day the public call for competition is published.
In order to apply, you need to:

  1. register on our application portal
  2. fill in the online application on the portal and upload all the documents listed in the text of the public call in digital format.

Warning: applying online is the only way to take part in the competition. Applications that are incomplete, lacking the documents listed in the text of the public call, or received by e-mail will not be considered valid. All documents need to be uploaded on the portal, and not sent via e-mail.  

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees for PhD programmes for 2019/20 are €163,50. In addition, we request a registration contribution of € 30,00 to process your application.

For PhD programmes, there are places available with and without scholarship. Those PhD candidates eligible for a scholarship will receive an annual allowance of €17.000,00 gross, including tax. This translates into a monthly net wage of roughly €1.250.

Here you can read more about how much you might spend and about the living costs in the cities where our campuses are located.  

Arriving in Italy


If your name is in the list of successful applicants for your chosen PhD programme, the Italian embassy or consulate will provide you with a visa for study/university purposes.
By law, you will have to apply for a residence permit within 8 working days since arriving in Italy. As soon as you arrive, please go to the Ufficio didattico (Study and Tuition Service) of unibz, where you will be provided with any information you may need.

How to obtain a residence permit

Italian tax identification number (Codice fiscale)

You will need to request a 'codice fiscale', the Italian tax identification number, which is the unique number attributed to citizens living and working in Italy for their interaction with the government and local administration. To obtain one, you need to go to the local office of the Italian revenue agency, Agenzia delle Entrate, with your passport and with proof that you have applied for the residence permit.


In order to obtain state healthcare and register with a GP while you are studying in Italy, you will need to go to the local health unit (Azienda Sanitaria Locale - ASL) to register with the Italian national health service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - SSN) and bring the following documents:

  • proof of registration to university
  • passport
  • tax identification number (codice fiscale)
  • residence permit or proof that you have applied for the residence permit

and, if you are a scholarship recipient:

  • a letter confirming your scholarship.

The amount that will be paid is:

  • €149,77 to students without dependent relatives and who do not have other sources of income other than the scholarship or other benefits from any Italian public institution (e.g. government or local authority);
  • or €387,34 to students with dependent relatives;
  • or 7,5% of your income (minimum amount €387,34) if you have an income other than the one from scholarships (in Italy or abroad).

These amounts will be valid for the whole calendar year (from 1st January to 31st December), cannot be divided and cannot be paid retroactively. Their validity cannot in any case go beyond the expiry date of the residence permit.