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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Researchers with a fixed-term contract

Hannes Andres Gamper

Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences
Universitätsplatz 5 - piazza Università, 5

Short bio

Hannes A. Gamper is Junior Resercher at the Faculty of Science and Technology, where he is lecturer in Grassland Management and Arable Crop Production with a special focus on mountain agriculture, since 2020.
He received a Diploma degree (BSc and MSc equivalent) in organismic Biology (systematic and ecological biology) from ETH Zurich (1999) and a PhD degree in Natural Sciences from ETH Zurich (2004).
He was postdoctoral researcher at the University of York (UK, 2005-2006), at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NL, 2007-2009), Agroscope (CH, 2017-2018), and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa (IT, 2018-2019) and senior scientist at the University of Basel (CH, 2009-2011) and ETH Zurich (CH, 2011-2017), lecturing in Mycology, Plant Physiology, Molecular Ecology, and Rhizosphere Ecology.


Grassland Management and Arable Crop Production

40198B · AGR/02 · L-25 Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences · DE

Main Research Areas

Ecological intensification
Forage science
Crop science
Pasture and rangeland science
Functional ecology
Plant-microbe-soil interactions
Arbuscular mycorrhiza
Rhizobial symbiosis
Taxonomy and systematics
Evolutionary ecology
Global change ecology


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