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Computer Science

In our master you will not only learn about techniques and methods to develop complex software and to manage large amounts of data; you also participate in cutting-edge research projects and work closely together with leading experts.

Although we do not always notice it, software and data have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. For example, we use Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to communicate with friends; we let global positioning systems (GPS) guide us on our car journeys, and we trust life-critical air traffic control systems to take us safely to our destination.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of this, here's some figures: in 2012, 2.5 Exabytes (that is 2.5 billion Gigabytes) of data was generated every single day and a system such as MacOS X contains more than 80 million lines of code. That is why there’s the need to develop intelligent software and systems to store, retrieve, manage and make sense of these data. Designing, engineering and updating software requires sophisticated tools and methods that you will learn to apply in this two-year study programme.

At a glance

Degree class: LM-18
ECTS credits: 120
Duration of the course: 2 years
Courses will be taught in English
Places available: 40 EU + 20 non-EU
Campus: Bozen-Bolzano
Tuition fees: €1.343,50 per year


Structure of the course

Students can choose between two different programmes: Data and Knowledge Management (DKM) or Software Engineering and IT Management (SEITM).

The DKM programme covers topics such as Advanced Database Management Technologies, Data and Process Modeling, Data Mining, Information Search and Retrieval, Semantic Technologies. The SEITM programme includes topics such as Requirements and Design of Software Systems, Software Process Management, Software Reliability and Testing, Systems Engineering. Some of the courses, such as Advanced Internet Technologies and Human Machine Interaction, are shared by both programmes.


Degree Course director: Prof. Sven Helmer (photo)
Student representative in the Course Council: ---

Exchange programmes and internships

Currently we offer exchange programmes with more than 20 partner universities all over the world and we are part of a large network of collaboration with employers in Italy and abroad where you can undertake an optional internship with a maximum of 200 hours.

Career opportunities

Our graduates are working in areas that require competences in the analysis, formalization and design of software systems for the solution of complex problems in various application areas, such as industry, services, environment, health, heritage and public administration. The development and maintenance of high quality information systems and computer networks often are part of their job. They also carry out research in industrial, public and academic laboratories.

Well prepared and ready for the job market. On the website of AlmaLaurea you can check statistical data about graduates’ satisfaction and their employability. 

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Studying at unibz

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International Applicants (non-EU)

Application procedure, Visa, Residence permit and more


You can find all the information you need about the documents required for the application in the Study Manifesto.

  1. Online application from 13 March to 28 April 2017 (Early Bird session) and from 18 May to 20 July 2017 (late application)
  2. Admission criteria: previous degree (study curriculum), experiences in the field of Computer Science, English knowledge
  3. The ranking lists will be published by 16 May 2017 (Early Bird session) and 4 August 2017 (late application).

Contact us by phone at +390471012100 or fill in the request form.

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