Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

European Master in

Computational Logic (EMCL)

Four leading European universities and a leading Australian partner institution have teamed up and developed a unique, integrated and distributed European Master.

The partner universities are:

The EMCL covers a wide range of topics such as Foundations, Logic and Constraint Programming, Advanced Logic, Integrated Logic Systems, Computational Logic for Information Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Constraints, Knowledge Representation, Logics and Languages for Software Reliability and Security, Modeling and Verification, Natural Language Processing and Automata, Ontology and Database Systems, Principles of Data Management, Principles of Inference, Semantic Technologies, Theoretical Computer Science and Logic.

This program is one of the few European Masters awarded by the European Union's Erasmus Mundus programme since its very first year of existence, in 2004.

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Degree Course director at unibz: Prof. Enrico Franconi

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