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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Iustina Ivanova

Faculty of Computer Science
Dominikanerplatz 3 - piazza Domenicani, 3

Short bio

I am PhD student in Free University of Bolzano. I am interested in activity recognition for decision support for sport climbing. Before, I was working as a software engineer in different companies (mostly related to image analysis) and also, I was a teacher for students in informatics. Originally, I am from Russia, and all my life I was interested in the outdoor activities, such as skiing in the mountains, snowboarding, and sport climbing. Inspired by the mountains and the nature view, I moved to Bolzano, which is the heart of the Dolomites in my point of a view.

Main Research Areas

Sport climbing is a relatively recent sport, and many climbing
routes are built around the world, therefore, choosing the suitable
climbing route becomes a problem. In order to solve this problem, we
are trying to understand the preferences of the climbers, by using
different sources of information such as smartphone application data
and wearable sensors' analysis.


Using the data, provided via sensors
and manual input through the mobile application, we would like to
build a profile of a climber, and based on the preferences of a climber,
we would like to give them valuable recommendations about which
routes they should climb. We call this system the “Climbing
recommender system”. The system is similar to Netflix
recommendations, where the items are the climbing routes.
Nowadays, we have many sports trackers for different sports
(running, swimming, ice-skating, biking), unfortunately, there is a
lack of automatic sensors for climbers, to provide them with a
statistics about their climbing activities, and to give feedback about
their performance. We are focusing on applying existing methods for
sensors analysis to understand the preferences of the climbers.


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