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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Research Centre for Knowledge and Data (KRDB)


CoordinatorEnrico Franconi

In the KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data, the research activity is focused on two main areas: (1) intelligent data and information management, with emphasis on data modelling and on the challenges related to dealing with complex and big data; and (2) business processes and data, with the aim of studying the entire process lifecycle including the modelling of business processes and organisations.

The KRDB Centre, which currently comprises more than 30 researchers, including PhD students, is widely recognized as one of the internationally leading groups in knowledge representation research, with a synergy between foundational research and application-oriented research. This is witnessed by relationships with small and medium enterprises and public companies, which provide useful feedback stimulating further basic research.

The KRDB Centre has an excellent track record of involvement in dissemination and educational activities, via organisation of conferences, workshops, advanced schools, networks of excellence, and European Masters of Science.

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