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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Research Centre for Software and Systems Engineering (SwSE)


CoordinatorBarbara Russo

The research at the Research Centre for Software and Systems Engineering (SwSE), which currently consists of 7 members, concerns the study, development, and maintenance of software systems to understand and improve their performance and quality, and covers four areas.

(i) In Software Maintenance, empirical techniques are used to study the software product and its evolution to predict its quality; different types of data are mined to recommend developers in their activities or reconstruct and improve the software development process.

(ii) In Software System Behaviour, data is mined to predict system behaviour in different operational contexts and under emergent circumstances, and features for system self-adaptability are identified.

(iii) Cloud Systems are investigated from a continuous development perspective, integrating migration and rearchitecting methods with techniques for the dynamic management of cloud systems in terms of quality and cost concerns.

(iv) In Computational Thinking, empirical studies are performed to improve grade and age-appropriate curricula, and to support teaching and assessment.

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