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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Theory and Expressions of Design, Arts and Visual Culture


CoordinatorGerhard Glüher

Is the field examining theories, methodologies, objectives and practices of design creation in terms of their communicative design and theoretical aspects. These include studies on semiotics, phenomenology, anthropology, philosophy and art.

The research direction is to be understood as a fundamental critique of the design process and its immanent implications in perception theory. The focus is on critical analysis of all relevant thinking and approaches of design, creativity and aesthetics, particularly in view of the growing importance of design as a medium for teaching democratic, humanistic and ethical standards.

The area includes interdisciplinary research projects, to shape the fledgling design science. The neighbouring disciplines of music, art, philosophy, literature, architecture, engineering, science and technology are also the focus of the area of design culture, which is why they are included here. This transversal work is called research about and for design.

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