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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured full professors | Lifelong Learning, Research Methods

Liliana Dozza

+39 0472 014120

BX A3.32b
Faculty of Education
viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Tuesday, 15:00 - 16:00
su appuntamento. Sono disponibile in altri orari e giorni previo accordo via e-mail

Short bio

Professor of Education at the Faculty of Education and President of the Master in Primary Education, member of PhD Collegium. She has been Vice-Dean and Dean, Deputy Rector for Education and the Bologna Process, Coordinator of the PhD "General and Social Pedagogy and Education”.
She is co-Director of the Journal “Pedagogia più Didattica”, Trento Erikson, Fascia A and of the peer reviewed Editorial Series: “Educazione per tutta la vita” (Milano: FrancoAngeli); Education, Earth, Nature (Bergamo: Zeroseiup). Member of several Scientific Committees and Senior Reviewer of peer-reviewed series and International Conferences (END 2017, EERA 2018, Education, Earth, Nature, 2016, 2017; IAFOR 2017-2018). Scientific interests: General and social Pedagogy; Lifelong learning; Sustainable Development.


Coaching I

15127G · PhD General Pedagogy - 2017 · IT

Coaching II

15117A · PhD General Pedagogy - 2017 · IT

Coaching III

15122A · PhD General Pedagogy - 2017 · IT

General Pedagogy with an Emphasis on the Age Range (0)-2-7 (Lab.)

11400B · M-PED/01 · LM-85 bis Education Italian section · IT

General Pedagogy: Theoretical and Methodological Basics

11400A · M-PED/01 · LM-85 bis Education Italian section · IT

Research methodologies: qualitative and quantitative methods

15127E · PhD General Pedagogy - 2017 · IT

Research Methods and Scientific Work in Educational Contexts

11403A · M-PED/04 · LM-85 bis Education Italian section · IT

Main Research Areas

Permanent Education. Processes and Projects of Education and Development with a Focus on South Tyrol

Education in the first stages of life and the whole lifespan (Lifelong Learning), multiple educational contexts (Lifewide Learning), cognitive-affective interactions, values, intergenerational relationships (Lifedeep Learning).

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