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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors | Fluid machines and energy systems

Massimiliano Renzi

+39 0471 017816

BZ K1.12
Faculty of Science and Technology
Universitätsplatz 5 - piazza Università, 5

Short bio

Fixed Term researcher in the scientific sector ING-IND/08, fluid machines and energy conversion systems. PhD in Energy at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. The main research topics include cogeneration systems, mainly micro gas turbines and internal combusion engines fed by both traditional and alternative fuels.
In the field of renewable energy system, I study hydraulic machines applied in small water resources or in energy recovery systems (small-scale hydropower turbines and Pump as Turbines). I also study solar energy systems with particular reference to the solar concentration technology (CSP and CPV).


Fundamentals of Machinery and Oleodynamic

42151 · ING-IND/08 · L-9 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering - 2016 · EN

Thermal Engines

45510A · ING-IND/08 · LM-30 Energy Engineering - 2016 · EN

Main Research Areas

research focus in the following areas: design, management, diagnosis, monitoring, environmental impact and experiments on fluid machines (gas, steam, water, combustion engines, pumps and compressors) and the insertion of these machines within the power generation and propulsion systems as well as to civil and industrial applications.

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