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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Study Plan - Master in BEE: Building, Energy and Environment



The online course will be available on the Italian universities platform Eduopen and will offer introductory teaching units during the BEE-Basic course.

BEE-In, BEE-Tech and BEE-Sustainable

The curriculum is divided into the three main topic areas: BEE-In, BEE-Tech and BEE-Sustainable, each delivered through three teaching formats:

  • theoretical modules (Fundamental Modules - MF);
  • practical modules (Exercise Modules - ME): analytical modules for real-world applications or design and/or business solutions that may involve the participation of designers and/or companies;
  • applied modules (Application Modules – MA): modules in cooperation with the the ClimateHouse Agency, which will involve the analysis of various certification protocols promoted by the ClimateHouse Agency, the verification of real projects that have already been certified, and visits to construction sites.

Study Plan