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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Course Offering - Master in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing

On this page we show the lectures that are currently offered in the two semesters. It does not illustrate the structure of the study programme.

Target: Single subject and exchange students

Academic Year


Semester 1

Agrochemicals in Vineyard pest-management and environment-landscape in mountains areas

10 CP · 44613

Plants pathology defence in vineyards in mountain areas

3 CP · 44613A · AGR/12 · EN

Selena Tomada

Walter Waldner

Management and use of agrochemicals and their fate in the environment

3 CP · 44613B · AGR/13 · EN

Stefano Cesco, Dean

Youry Pii

Silvia Celletti

Mountain viticulture and landscape

4 CP · 44613C · AGR/10 · EN

Rino Gubiani

Semester 1

Vineyard management and wine production in mountain areas

10 CP · 44614


Semester 1

Management of soil fertility in mountain vineyards

5 CP · 44617

Semester 1

Characterization of mountain wines

5 CP · 44618

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