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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Agricultural Production and Food Technologies

Agricultural Production and Food Technologies


Matthias Gauly

We study the food chain, from primary production - via processing technology, logistics and distribution, food preservation - to consumer behaviour, following a farm-to-fork approach. Studies in this research area emphasise advances and innovation in agricultural practices and processing technologies that will enhance the quality, traceability, sustainability and safety of food from alpine regions.


Covered topics

  • Soil fertility, plant nutrition and root physiology
  • Insect-plant and microbe-plant interactions
  • Carbon flux and C footprint in agricultural systems
  • Advances in farming mechanisation, precision agriculture and information management
  • Quality and traceability of mountain food products
  • Food processing and nanotechnology
  • Food marketing and consumer behaviour


Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry

Laboratory for Food Chemistry

Laboratory for Food Processing

Climatic Chamber

Animal Science Laboratory

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