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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Building Physics Laboratory


The main activities performed in the lab include: measurement of steady and dynamic thermal conductance of wall specimens; characterisation of thermal properties of building materials; performance assessment of ventilation system components (e.g., air-to-air heat recovery and desiccant systems).

Research Focus

Characterisation of the thermal behaviour of building envelope materials and components, in steady and dynamic conditions. Characterisation of efficiency of heat recovery devices and desiccant systems for air dehumidification.

Main Instrumentation

The lab contains several instruments for the research activity performed in the lab:

  • a hotbox incubator, a climatic chamber, a heat flow meter for the study of building envelope components;
  • a test rig for mechanical ventilation components.

 For in situ measurements, the lab is also equipped with:

  • pyranometers, a pyrheliometer, a sun-tracker and a sky-scanner for the measurement of solar irradiance and a pyrgeometer for the measurement of sky-vault infrared radiation (outdoor conditions measurement);
  • air temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, anemometers, lighting sensors and a phonometer with a set of acoustic instruments for the measurement of indoor thermal, visual and acoustic conditions;
  • a set of probes for the measurements of thermal comfort conditions for indoor environments;
  • thermocouples, thermal resistances, heat flux meters and logging systems.



BZ C0.01a


Andrea Gasparella