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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Competence Centre for Language Studies

We are devoted to the analysis of how linguistic systems, languages and language varieties coexist and are related to one another within society, groups and individuals.  We focus our research in the field of language contact and face-to-face interaction in multilingual contexts, as well as language acquisition and learning, as they are exemplified in the area of South Tyrol.


Data-driven research is based both on qualitative and quantitative approaches, which range  from ethnographic fieldwork to statistical analysis; examined phenomena – code-choice and code-switching, learner and ethnic varieties, institutional and informal communication, among others – are analysed from a systemic perspective, so as to provide explanations for the complexity and regularities of language use.

Our Center is also home to the ALPs, the Alpine Laboratory of Phonetics & Phonology. The members of this lab carry out experimental research in the areas of acoustic and articulatory phonetics with a particular focus on bilingual speakers.

Finally, we are a member of LingNet Europe, a Network of 11 Research Centres for Linguistics and Affiliated Graduate Schools/ PhD Programs from 8 countries. In the period 2004-2010, our Competence Centre reached excellent results at the latest research evaluation of ANVUR.



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