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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Contemporary History


Oswald Überegger


This research area focuses on regional history of the 20th century. Particular attention is paid to the neglected regional history after 1945 and the issue of historical memory cultures in South Tyrol.

The processing of 20th century's history in South Tyrol is difficult and controversial: The end of WWI and its many impacts, Fascism and National Socialism, the Option Agreement and the Relocation, the "years of bombs" and finally the history of the South Tyrolean Autonomy are not only subjects of scientific research but also controversial issues in public discourse.

Objectifying discourses on South Tyrol contemporary history and providing new impulses for historical analysis are the main goals of this research area.

In cooperation with other regional, national and international scientific institutions, our research shall examine Tyrolean and South Tyrolean History from a European and comparative perspective.

Research Projects