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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Our Mission Statement


The Competence Centre for Regional History is a centre for historical research which focuses on the fields of regional contemporary history, modern Tyrolean regional history and gender studies. The centre's research and presentation initiatives, which focus on historical Tyrol and the Alpine region, are aimed in particular at basic historical research, the intensification of scientific cooperation and stronger scholarly networking in the Alpine region.

Our scientific approach:

  • methodically open research: The approach to regional history at the Competence Center is diverse and methodically open. In addition to proven approaches and perspectives, the methodological and thematic innovation of regional historical research is promoted.
  • interdisciplinary thinking: Not only internal methodological openness, but also open-mindedness towards the 'outside' is one of the 'essentials' of regional scientific research. The Competence Centre seeks cooperation and engagement with other scientific disciplines.
  • Interregional comparative research: Regional-historical research gains in relevance above all through its comparative perspective – according to the motto "Research the small, search for the big picture". To view the history of Tyrol and South Tyrol from an interregional perspective by comparing European border regions is a central challenge for the Competence Centre.
  • networking and dissemination: Thorough research is the basic prerequisite for a successful presentation of history. The Competence Centre sees its core competence not only in scientific research, but also in the communication and popularisation of regional historical knowledge.