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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


Lab visit for freshers

Today a group of students from the English intensive courses participated in a mini field trip to the unibz labs in order to learn about some of the research being conducted there.

“The purpose of these trips is two-fold: to give both the teachers and the students a small break during the middle of an intensive week of language learning, and to confront new students with the many opportunities they will have to experience English outside the classroom at unibz and in the surrounding community”, says organizer Michael Ennis, the English Language Coordinator at the Language Centre.

Jason Frentress, an American hydrologist from the Faculty of Science and Technology, gave the freshers insight into his research methods, which makes it possible to determine the water sources of apple trees and thereby the geographic origin of apples through an isotope analysis of the water within the fruit. After a brief presentation, students put on their lab coats and went to the lab to observe how Frentress takes samples of water from South Tyrolean apple orchards by means of cryogenic extraction. The students were especially interested in the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the water rapidly at -190o C.

The next field trip with new students enrolled in intensive English courses will be next Wednesday at the Museion, where they will be immersed in the new exhibit Hämatli and Patriae, organized by guest curator – and former unibz professor - Nicolò Degiorgis.


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