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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


2020 IFERA’s best reviewer award to Ivan Miroshnychenko

The researcher at the Center for Family Business Management was one of the four winners during this year’s virtual conference of the renowned academic association.

The success of a conference also depends on the aid provided by scholars who take on the task to review – and often improve – the submitted papers. In order to stress the importance of such contributions each year IFERA – the International Family Enterprise Research Academy, i.e. the largest membership association of family business scholars in the world, whose mission is to promote family business in research and education – grants recognition to the best reviewers during their annual conference. 

Ivan Miroshnychenko, a researcher and assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics, was one of the four winners of this year’s edition – the 20th – that was due to take place in Santander but, because of the Covid-19 crisis, went virtual. Miroshnychenko is not the first member of the Family Business Management Center – lead by prof. Alfredo De Massis – to be acknowledged with this award. Last year it was Emanuela Rondi’s turn and, in 2018, Jasper Brinkerink's.

“Peer review is crucial to develop a publishable manuscript in the scientific community. It is a very time-consuming activity that requires much care and effort and is conducted on a voluntary basis", says Alfredo De Massis, "I am proud and honored that several people at the Centre for Family Business are taking this seriously by contributing with dedication and big efforts to advance new knowledge on the management of family enterprises, and this important recognition awarded to Ivan Miroshnychenko from one of the leading associations of family business scholars worldwide testifies the quality of the reviewing activity that we carry out for the community of scholars, researchers and, indirectly, students and family business owners and managers.”