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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Freshers Days Programme

Brixen-Bressanone Campus

Access to the campus

The study programmes' introductions will be held on campus and also be broadcast live online, followed by the general programme's info sessions. 

All links to access the info sessions and introductions online will be published on the very day of the event.

27 September 2022

Welcome | A0.50 (Aula Magna)

09:30 - Welcome by the Rector, the Dean, the Mayor of Brixen-Bressanone and the Student Representatives,  Prof. Paolo Lugli, Prof. Paul Videsott, Peter Brunner, Niklas Klinge, Emma Kovacic, Jennifer Friesen, Enya Sofie Csengeri

Study Programme Introduction

Bachelor in Communciation Sciences and Culture | A1.60
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Elisabeth Tauber

Bachelor in Social Work | A1.31
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Urban Nothdurfter

Bachelor in Social Education | A1.11
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Susanne Elsen

Master in Primary Education – German Section | A0.50 (Aula Magna)
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Birgit Alber

Master in Primary Education – Italian Section | A2.51
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Monica Parricchi

Master in Primary Education – Ladin Section | A2.35
10:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Paul Videsott

The Master in Musicology will be presented on 3 October. Students are invited to join the Welcome by the Rector, the Dean, the Managing Director and the Student Representatives online.

Info Sessions for all Freshers | A0.50 (Aula Magna)

14:00 - Info Session for International degree-seeking Students (Advisory Service - Student Support)

14:45 - Quick Guide to Our Services: Advisory Service - Student Support, Student Secretariat, International Relations, Career Service

15:45 - Presentation of the Student Associations: SCUB - Sports Club University Bolzano, PRO - Students for Business, MUA - Movimento Universitario Altoatesino(information about, sh.asus - Associazione Universitaria Sudtirolese

Freshers Party | Universitätsplatz-Piazza Università

17:15 - Treasure Hunt, Party and Good Vibes, organised by the Student Representatives and Talía

28 September 2022

Info Session in Italian | A2.51

09:00 - Introduction to Library and ICT Services (in Italian)

Info Session in German | A0.50 (Aula Magna)

09:00 - Introduction to Library and ICT Services (in German)

Info Session about Study Grants | A2.60

10:00 - Info Session about Study Grants (sh.asus - Associazione Universitaria Sudtirolese)

3 October 2022

Master in Musicology | A2.35

13:30 - Presentation of the study programme, Prof. Franz Comploi

5 October 2022

18:30 | online
Presentation of the Language Centre and the language paths at unibz