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Libera Università di Bolzano

15 apr 2019 18:00–19:30

series of lectures @ unibz | Robot Design – Theory Practice Philosophy

Autonomous systems are a part of everyday life, e.g. roboticvacuum cleaners, autonomous vehicles, or terminators.

Relatori Dr. Reto Schölly, University College Freiburg (D)

Data 15 apr 2019 18:00 - 19:30

Luogo Room BZ E3.22, Universitätsplatz 1 - Piazza Università, 1, 39100 Bozen-Bolzano

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For the uninitiated, so-called “robots” – from Czech robota(“slave”) – evoke suspicion or even aversion. Critics fear they might become a scourge upon their makers, take away human jobs, or even cause destruction and may hem. Supporters on the other hand view them as a potential salvation from human and social problems.

To enable meaningful participation in this debate and discuss the social changes robots might or will bring, a basic knowledge of the philosophical and technological basics of autonomous robotic systems is mandatory. This talk gives an overview over what skills will be required in the future, and provides pointers on how and where to begin. Learning robotics maybe difficult, but with the right tools, it will be a lot of fun!

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