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01 giu 2022 14:00–18:00

Recent trends and mechatronic solutions for a mechanised forestry.

workshop supported by the Spruce-Robot project

Data 01 giu 2022 14:00 - 18:00

Luogo NOI Techpark, Seminarroom 1



In recent years, even an economic sector such as forestry, which has always been dominated by high-powered machinery, has seen a strong and significant introduction of a series of so-called mechatronic technologies. The extensive use of sensors, data-collection and geographic tracking systems has allowed developing a new way of operating in the forest, which goes under the name of "Precision Forestry". This appears to be the way to a rational use of machines and resources, also with a focus on energy optimisation.
This workshop has therefore the aim of bringing together experts from academia and industry, all researching about and working with robotic equipment and machinery to be used to perform forest operations. Specifically, invited speakers will present some studies concerning the mechanization of log-harvesting, the development of equipment for forest tending and timber harvesting, all making use of many recent technologies. Among the several topics, the following will be illustrated: hybrid and electric drivetrains, Industry-4.0 solutions to gather detailed data of forest stands, including the use of drones.
During the workshop, the approaches and results developed within the “SPRUCE ROBOT” (“Smart PRUning and Climbing treEs ROBOT") research project, grant number TN200L, funded by the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano will be presented and discussed.

Confirmed speakers:
- Raffaele Spinelli, CNR IVALSA, speech title: “Rough and tough: a prototype multi-tree delimber for small trees”
- Stefan Leitner, UniBz & Leitalpin s.r.l., speech title: “Electrification of logging equipment”
- Giovanni Carabin, First & AFI labs, UniBz, “Spruce Robot: a tree climbing robot for pruning operations”
- Florian Fink, Alto Drones s.r.l., “Airborne Laserscanning and Forestry by Alto Drones”

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