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Professori ordinari di ruolo | Java Programming, Information Retrieval

Francesco Ricci

Short bio

Francesco Ricci is full professor and dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. Since November 2012 he is with the Information and Database System Engineering research area. F. Ricci has established in Bolzano a reference point for the research on Recommender Systems. He has co-edited the Recommender Systems Handbook (Springer 2011, 2015), and has been actively working in this community as President of the Steering Committee of the ACM conference on Recommender Systems (2007-2010). He was previously (from 2000 to 2006) technical director of the eCommerce and Tourism Research Lab (eCTRL) at ITC-irst (Trento, Italy). F. Ricci is author of more than one hundred fifty refereed publications and, according to Google Scholar, has H-index 42 and around 10000 citations.


Computer Programming

76203 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica · EN

Introduction to Programming

76401 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica e Management delle Aziende digitali · EN

Recommender Systems

73034 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea magistrale in Data Science Computazionale · EN

Macroaree di ricerca

nformation Retrieval, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Applications to Tourism and Health.