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Ricercatori a tempo determinato | Cooperative driving, vehicular networks

Michele Segata

Short bio

Michele Segata is Assistant Professor (RTDa) at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bolzano. Previously, he was a PostDoc research fellow at the University of Trento, Italy and a visiting researcher at the University of Würzburg. He received a double PhD in Computer Science from the Universities of Innsbruck and Trento. His main research focus is on cooperative driving, studying the impact of the wireless network on the dynamics of the vehicles, i.e., how network’s behavior impacts the performance of the control system, and viceversa. He has also been working on modeling and simulation, on the evaluation of vehicular safety applications, and on a Software Defined Radio implementation of an IEEE 802.11 a/g/p transceiver.


Computer Programming

76203 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica · EN

Introduction to Programming

76401 · INF/01 · Corso di laurea in Informatica e Management delle Aziende digitali · EN

Operating Systems

76241 · ING-INF/05 · Corso di laurea in Informatica · IT

Macroaree di ricerca

Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Vehicular Networks, Cooperative Driving, Modeling and Simulation, Software Defined Radios.

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